Research & Development

Every company requires tailored information about the market in which they wish to enter. Edbiz Consulting facilitates this process by offering detailed research to its clients, enabling them to make an informed decision. Our in-house research team, in conjunction with our extensive network of consultants and key decision makers, are able to conduct extensive market research to decipher the appetite for any Shari’a / Shariah compliant product or structure in a given market. This service serves a key function as the market research reports produced by Edbiz Consulting assist the client in the decision making process. The research team additionally has extensive experience in the field of quantitative and qualitiative research as well as the development of detailed product manuals for Islamic Banks.

Our Islamic financial intelligence is sought by our clients to develop an Islamic finance strategy for their institutions. Governments and other public sector organisations seek our services for designing Islamic finance policy framework for products and systems in their respective countries.

For institutions trying to develop a new Islamic finance structure but unaware of its implications and complexities, Edbiz Consulting conducts product development research on a retainer basis, and through it’s product development team has assisted in the development of some truly innovative Shari’a / Shariah compliant solutions.